Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hearing God Speak...

This morning about 50 staff and students gathered in a tent in Florida.  We spent an hour and a half praying for London, England.  During this time we prayed for 6 specific youth that live in a town called Illford.  We had pictures of them up and we broke into different groups and asked God to give us "words" or verses from the Bible for these young people!  It was amazing to see the verses and words they got for these kids were "spot on" to who they actually are!  The students in Florida had NEVER met these kids in England, and yet God was telling them things about them that only God or those close to them would know.  And yet, a group that was a 22 hour plane ride away was praying these things out! 

This was a great experience for these students in Florida.  There teaching this week is on "Hearing God's Voice."  In fact as we were wating on God to speak to us about the kids in England, one of our students yelled out, "Wow, God just dropped something in my head about this girl!"  Maybe the first time he had been aware that God wants to speak to us! 

These are the excting things that Rachel and I get to be a part of!  Young people like this guy, who are hearing God for the first time!!!  Thank you for being a part of sending us to be your extended hand to serving and training these young people!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

off and running...

2012 begins:

The new year is off to a great start.  Our winter schools have started with approximately 30 students in 3 training schools...The Fall students are on outreach (the 2 month mission trip part of their school).  They are in Dominican Republic, India, and Asia!  We have already had reports of 1 salvation in a communist nation and 2 healings in India!  Our ladies are reaching out to prostitutes in brothels in Asia as well as open air preaching of the Gospel in India to a crowd of 100 and an outreach for about 40 children!  These guys haven't been gone 2 weeks and God is already at work!  Praise God!  20 somethings are changing nations with the presence and power and love of God!  Please keep them in your prayers!!!

In case you missed it...we finally got a picture of Paxton!  He is a boy...born April 4, 2011.  He is currently the weight of 21 pounds!  We will get him in 2012 but we NEED your prayers!!!  Pray the Korean government releases him to our care!  And that it happens fast!  He is currently 9 months old (the same age Tysen was when he come to us).