Monday, April 30, 2012

...the ends of the earth...


August 2011, we had only been home 4 weeks, from our trip to London.  I turned on the TV and the city of London was on fire!  Riots, looting, vandalism, and violence.  I had just stood in from of many of these buildings and had ridden on the red buses that were not burning!  When the ashes had settled, over 400 people had been arrested.  Approximately 75% of those arrested were between the ages of 12-18 years old.  Roughly 85% were 30 and under!  The generation that is destined to lead and shape the city, were destroying it!  

This summer our heart is to change the course of changing lives!  On June 17th, we will be flying to London for 5 weeks to disciple & train hundreds of young people from London and then send them out into the streets of the city during the Summer Olympics to share the gospel with all the nations of the world that will be gathered during July and August.

Thai Team:

After a 15 hour sleeper- bus ride from north East Asia to our departure city, one 3 hour flight to Thailand, and one 14-hour night bus ride,  our team we spent 3 months discipleing & then sent out from Orlando is finally in Mae Sai, Thailand...

The team is  within sight of the Myanmar border and have been ministering to a Burmese, Thai and Chinese Church this weekend. They have been teaching English to children in the afternoon and again teaching adults in the evening. Starting next week they will be doing sports ministry.  

This past weekend, the team lead a church service at a drop-in center for Burmese and Thai street kids. Afterwards,  they had their last day of English camp at the church, which has been an outreach to the strong Buddhist communities nearby. Normally, the parents won't let the kids go to church, but they are allowing their kids to go to this English/Chinese camp. 

This church has really given the team open doors, not only with their youth, but also the Sunday morning service time. They have been able to do dramas, share testimonies and even a teaching! We are praising God for all that He has been doing through our team! Please continue to pray for more opportunities for our to minister to the Thai people and the Burmese refugees nearby. And THANK YOU FOR YOUR PART in reaching the Thai and Thai Chinese over the 2 month outreach.  As you give and pray we are able to train and send these teams out from Orlando to the ends of the earth...