Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the neXt wave...

Christmas.  Stockings.  Egg Nogg.  Baby Jesus.  Wise men.  Santa.  The Grinch.  Immanuel.  "Red Rider BB Guns." Cheap cinnamon donuts that taste like curry...  Probably all things I should be talking about @ this time of year, and yet I am distracted....Christmas is my favorite time of year, don’t get me wrong.  But something in me is burning and hungry for something greater than another Christmas carol. 
Last month, Rachel, Ty, and I and about 350 other YWAM missionaries gathered in Alabama for 5 days to seek and chase after God.  Crazy right?  We had a plan.  We had an agenda.  YWAM has had a sense that God is raising up a “wave” of 200,000 new missionaries to GO to the cities, countries, & nations of our planet to share the news of Jesus to those who have not heard.  Yet during this time, our agenda’s and plan’s went out the window, but God met us !  There were times when everyone in the room was dancing because we were encountering God.  There were other times when all of us found ourselves on our faces because we were so in awe of God and his character and nature.  Many, if not all of us, left with a renewed sense of passion and vision as to “why it is we do what we do…”  We came in with our plans and left with God’s plans.  Others came in with their vision and left with God’s vision for their life.  Us included.  I am hungry for God.  I have to have Him.  I have to be changed.  I am grateful for all he has done in me, but I am desperate to know Him and become more like Him.  I am desperate to get rid of my agenda to be known and to make my agenda be that Jesus is known.  Thank you so much for your part in this next wave!  Thank you for sending our family to help coordinate, plan and serve in different capacities of this 5 day conference.  We felt as though we had a part in shaping over 350 lives to closer hear God and obey his calling for their lives.  YOU therefore played a role in that!  Not only does your partnership affect us; but in 5 short days, YOU helped transform 350 people you’ve never met!  Thank you… & oh - Merry Christmas!!!

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