Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An open door to salvations...


I (Andy) remember being 18 and on my first trip to a closed country in Asia (almost 20 years ago).  I remember praying with a yellow skinned “slanted” eyed 10 year old to receive Jesus in his heart.  The first time I had ever led someone to the Lord!  I couldn’t believe that God would “speak through me” - a poor excuse for a Christian from SW Michigan!  But he did; and it launched me into a love relationship with Jesus that is still growing and being shaped….

A recent report from our students on a 2 month mission trip in Asia, is that last week 6 people GOT saved! This is amazing!  Not only are parts of Asia closed, but usually in a 2 month outreac, salvations don’t happen this quick!  The week before 1 person gave their heart to Jesus; so in less than 1 month.  7 people have come into God's kingdom!
Imagine, last year this time, many of these students were just trying to survive their Senior year of High School and now they are  winning people to Jesus! 

Thank you for your part in this!  Because of your monthly prayers and financial partnership with the Millers, we are able to help train, disciple, and send out hundreds of young people like this every year!  These salvations are because of YOU!

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