Monday, September 10, 2012

September 2012 Update:

Inventory:  We operate on a school calendar type schedule (yet without a summer vacation).  So every fall we take an inventory to see how we have impacted God’s kingdom and how lives have been changed eternally.  As a community at YWAM Orlando, we always view things as a team effort with none of us being “lone rangers” in ministry.  So here is the impact that we made over the last year:  757 individuals were a part our schools, programs, and workshops; that means 757 people were exposed to and challenged re: being long term missionaries over seas.  We saw 271 salvations; 13 countries were impacted by our teams and 29,109 were ministered to and presented with the gospel!  Thank you for your part in this!  Nearly 30,000 people heard the salvation message of Jesus because YOU enabled us through your partnership of prayer & giving to train and disciple those 757 participants who in return shared the gospel in those 13 countries!

Passivity:  One of the biggest “sins” in the Western world is passivity.  We could tie it to many things, but I want to connect it with love.  Romans 5:6 says, “ just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.”  Amazing!  Passivity is NOT a part of the make up of the character and nature of God!  His character is to “initiate love.”  He does not wait for us, nor did He sit and wait for us to love Him and initiate love to Him before he responded!  No, when we made no effort at all to love Him; in fact, while we were pushing Him away, He initiated love to us!  His love was initiating, selfless, passionate, and bold!  I encourage you to not be passive in your love.  Whether it is with your spouse, children, coworkers, or enemies....take initiative and destroy passivity!  Don’t wait for someone to love you, take on the character and nature of Christ and love them first!

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